We Have a Plan

We have a plan to sell your property! It's a plan that you can count on to deliver the quickest offer at the best price-- and over the years, we've nailed it down to 12 simple steps:

Competitive Market Analysis Choosing the proper asking price for your property is a science-- not something to be left to chance. We examine recent sales for homes similar to yours that have sold in your area. We add some for the features your home enjoys and deduct for those features it lacks-- to arrive at a figure we know the market will accept.
Marketing Consultation We'll meet with you to discuss the Analysis and discuss the immediate market forces that affect the sale of your home. Together, we'll develop a strategy-- a plan of action-- that will bring in buyers and the sales contract you want.
MLS Publication Publication in the Multiple Listing Service ensures that Realtors all over the region will know about your property-- not just us at Early Sunrise Realty LLC. The MLS data base is open only to Realtors-- it's where the professionals go to find new properties on the market-- and may be shown to buyers from Buffalo to Syracuse and beyond.
The Early Sunrise
Realty sign
Buyers often "cruise" a neighborhood to find available homes. When they do, a highly-visible sign directs them to our office-- 24 hours a day.
Personalized Fliers We highlight the most attractive features of your home and your community to produce an informative brochure for buyers and Realtors. After buyers have toured a number of houses, it's often these brochures they refer to first when making their important decisions.
The Early Sunrise Realty LLC Online Catalog This year more than 30% of new home buyers will use the internet in their home search. We'll put your home where their eyeballs are-- in glorious full color.
Open House The traditional way to invite prospective buyers into your home for their all-important first glance. We'll work with you to arrange a convenient time, when you can have your home looking its nicest, and provide a guest book for visitors to sign. And we handle it all-- you don't even have to be there!
Buyer Qualification The most discouraging waste of time for unwary home sellers is the attempt to work with buyers who can't afford to complete the purchase. Early Sunrise Realty LLC elimnates that problem by pre-qualifying buyers before the negotiations begin. You'll deal only with the ones you want to-- ready, willing and able buyers.
We'll Negotiate the Contract Often, it's a matter of knowing the right questions to ask and the right answers to give-- and we've been doing it for years. We'll negotiate the contract fairly, with your best interests in mind, for the highest price possible.
We'll present the Contract to You We'll bring you every bona fide offer we receive. We'll cut through the legal mumbo-jumbo and explain the technicalities in simple English. We'll explain the strengths of the offer and its limitations, and offer the assistance you'll need to make the best possible decision.
Help With the Financing This is often the trickiest part of the whole process-- but we're the recognized experts. We know the market rates and the paperwork involved in closing your buyers' mortgage. We can help guide the mortgage from application to the closing table so neither buyer nor seller are troubled with any unexpected surprises.
We Provide Closing Assistance Completing the closing is like juggling chainsaws and bowling balls-- it's a job for professionals. Financing paperwork, title and abstracts, RESPA forms, legal documents-- we get the job done to make your closing date one of the least stressful, most satisfying days of your life. We're the team that does it all-- Early Sunrise Realty LLC!

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