For whom does the Realtor work?

In an important way, the Realtor works for everybody. He works for the whole community, by providing a valuable service, extending the benefit of his expertise, at a reasonable, competitive price. Everybody benefits from the work of a Realtor. In a way, he certainly works for the buyer-- being there to show properties, giving sound advice, helping negotiate the offer. But most real estate agents are paid by the seller through commissions paid on the selling price of the property. The higher the selling price, the higher the commission. The Realtor actually owes his main fiduciary duty to the seller.

If you're a real estate buyer, it may make sense to reverse that relationship. By paying your Realtor a small retainer-- just like you'd pay your lawyer-- you make him or her YOUR agent, whose primary fiduciary obligations are to you. Call us today, or fill out the form located HERE to learn how people are saving thousands of dollars on their real estate decisions.

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