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Select Your
Agent Carefully
This is probably the most important single piece of advice you can get. Find an agent you can trust, someone with whom you can share confidences, someone you know will "go the extra mile" for your benefit. Feel free to ask for references and check them out. Make sure your agent is knowledgeable about the local real estate market and the financing options available. In short, work with us here at Early Sunrise Realty LLC!
First Impressions
Are Important!
It's a simple point, but one that cannot be over-emphasized. Well-maintained homes sell-- poorly maintained homes do not. Make sure your front door is clean and in good condition. Remove clutter from your front lawn and hire a local youth to keep it trimmed. Make sure your windows are clean, unbroken and easily opened and closed. Keep all pets out of sight-- and out of smell! Look at your home as if you were seeing it for the first time and ask yourself-- would you buy this house?
Correct all
This is especially important in the kitchen and bath: replace all leaky washers in your faucets, repair or replace sticky cabinet doors and drawers, make sure all appliances are working and clean. Visitors should see no burned-out lightbulbs. Clean (but do not replace) your drapes and carpets. Paint damaged trim and replace any damaged wallpaper. Keep your attic and basement clutter-free by storing extra boxes and furniture off-site. Minimize your decor.
Safety First! Don't invite problems into your efforts-- remember that a lot of people may be accessing your home. Remove clutter from the stairways. Keep your pets away from prospective buyers. Make sure stoves and appliances are turned off and the water heater set to a sensible temperature. Take an unbiased look at your home to protect your guests and family.
Absent yourself
During Showings
Rely on the expertise of your agent, not your own "sales ability" to make the sale. Your agent can deliver an impartial opinion in words the buyers understands; only very rarely will he or she be "stuck for" an answer, and in those cases, it's better to wait than to make a wrong impression. If your agent is planning an Open House, find someplace else to be. If a showing is arranged when you're home, politely excuse yourself and stand by for any questions. If you do find yourself talking to a prospective buyer, never apologize for the shortcomings of your home.
Educate Yourself This is equally important for sellers and buyers. If this is your first time home-selling, read up on real estate terminology. You need to know terms like "escrow", "abstract" and "contingency". Learn the advantages and limitations of ARM's, FHA loans and other financial instruments. Talk to others who have recently sold homes and learn what pitfalls to avoid. Learn the prices of homes that have recently sold. Use the expertise of your agent-- there are no dumb questions.
Price Your
Home Wisely
Pricing your home wisely is the most important consideration in selling. Do NOT start with an unrealistically high price on the assumption that you can always negotiate later-- most buyers will simply pass your home by, and future "price reductions" won't impress them favorably. Use your brokers' expertise to develop a price competitive with other homes on the market. Don't expect the features you find important to be worth a dime to your buyers-- many people, for example, consider an in-ground pool to be a liability, not an asset. Price your home to sell on the first round. Good luck!

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